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3 Types of Nails to Try at Your Next Manicure

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The first thing people notice when they look at your hands are your nails, so it’s important to make sure they look as good as they can. Whether you’re looking to try something new or maintain the health of your nails, you should consider these 3 types of nails to get at your next manicure. They all have their own benefits and downsides, but they’re all worth trying at least once to see which one looks best on you.

Long fingernails

Longer nails can be very dramatic; they are often used in professional nail art, and they will certainly draw attention. However, long nails require a lot more maintenance—you’ll need to invest in a proper file and clippers as well as keep up with regular manicures. If you want to go long, start by getting your nails professionally done and continue with touch-ups every two weeks or so. As your nails grow out, you can decide whether you really love them or not (it’s okay if you don’t!)—but remember that it takes approximately six months for fingernails to grow out completely.

Don’t cut them short until you know for sure!

If you do choose to get long nails, make sure to use a base coat underneath polish. This helps prevent chipping and adds extra strength. Also, opt for gel polish instead of regular polish when possible: It lasts longer than traditional nail lacquer and doesn’t damage your natural nails quite as much. Gel polish is also less toxic than standard acrylics. Just make sure to bring along an acetone remover when traveling!

A square shape is great for shorter fingers: Square shapes are visually interesting without being overwhelming on smaller hands. This style also looks good with other nail art, like flowers or diamonds. If you want a bolder look, try adding a French tip or using a darker shade as an accent color in your design.

A round shape is best for longer fingers: Round nails will make your fingers appear longer and thinner, so they’re perfect if you have larger hands or want to draw attention away from your palm area. Round nails also work well with simple designs that use only one color—but you can still add some interest by using different shades within one polish! As always, practice makes perfect; even if you don’t love how your nails turn out at first, keep trying until you find something that works for you!

Short fingernails

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You may think you like a lot of length and creativity on your nails, but it can be pretty challenging—and even painful—to do everything with long nails. Finger bangs? No problem! Picking up a dime from between couch cushions? Going to take some time. Longer nails can also look over-the-top and age you.

This is why short fingernails are great for all occasions: They’re low maintenance, they look more professional, and they don’t draw attention away from other aspects of your style or wardrobe.

If you go short enough, no one will notice your polish anyway! A few weeks after getting my first set of professionally done gel manicures, I went in for my next appointment—but before sitting down in that comfy chair, I trimmed my nails down to about a quarter inch. That was way too short for gel (they had to file them down), but I couldn’t have been happier.

My nails looked beautiful and felt much healthier than when they were long. Just because it’s 2018 doesn’t mean we need our fingers to look like claws! When it comes to nail shape, keep things simple.

Oval nails are universally flattering and look good with any outfit; rounded corners elongate your fingers; and square edges give off an edgy vibe. So whether you’re going for natural or polished, skip any fancy designs and stick with something classic.

To learn how to create different types of nail art yourself, read How to Do Gel Nail Art . For example ideas on how these techniques can be used check out How To Get The Perfect French Manicure At Home . The world is your oyster! Now get painting!

Acrylic nails


Artificial nails are typically made from a combination of plastic, glue and monomer; it’s as durable as natural nails and lasts up to two weeks. If you like nail art but can’t be bothered by chipping polish, get fake nails.

However, make sure your nail technician isn’t just painting over acrylics—many salons use UV lights that can cause skin damage. Ask about brand names before you commit.

Do-it-yourself kits for artificial nails can cost about $20 (or about five dollars per application) and include everything you need for a salon-style manicure: base coat, acrylic liquid or powder, top coat and finish with an orange stick to smooth down any ridges after drying overnight.

While they might not last as long as salon acrylics, DIY versions do come in a wide range of colors and patterns.


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