The Nail Near Nail Care 5 Luxury Nail Designs That Will Be Trending in 2022

5 Luxury Nail Designs That Will Be Trending in 2022

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Intro: 5 Luxury Nail Designs That Will Be Trending in 2022. It’s no secret that nail art has become increasingly popular over the last few years—and for good reason! Now, instead of painting your nails one solid color, you can add designs, patterns, and other eye-catching embellishments that show off your personality and style in a subtle yet vibrant way. If you want to know what nail designs will be trending in 2022, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected some of the most popular luxury nail designs from around the globe to give you an idea of what’s hot for next year.

Pop Colors

If you have a favorite color, try it. If it doesn’t match your skin tone or style, you don’t have to go with it. But if that bright turquoise shade looks great on you, then why not take advantage of a really unique summer look? These days, there are even paint pens that make painting your nails a quick and easy job. Don’t just limit yourself to solid colors and neutrals though; gradient nail designs are all over Instagram these days. These only work for certain shades (light blues and lavenders work best), but if done right, they create an incredible optical illusion effect of gradients that flow from one color to another.

Ombre Acrylic Tips

Ombre tips are a unique approach to nail art. They’re a lot more nuanced than some of today’s flashier styles, but they’re an elegant way to highlight one aspect of your nails while maintaining a natural flow throughout. To pull off ombre tips, you have to have all ten fingers done at once: One side will be fully covered with polish and color, while one side will be completely clear (or almost so). Ombre acrylic tips are still bright and eye-catching enough for any occasion—especially date night or fancy events—but they’ll also be neutral enough that you can wear them again in three months without feeling outdated.

Metal Accents

One way to instantly update your manicure is to add a metallic accent. From silver chrome nails to matte graphite, metallics are having a major moment and there’s no better time than now to jump on board. They’re also surprisingly easy to apply at home—just grab some foil tape, get creative with your shape, and use tape instead of nail polish. The result? A fashion-forward mani that looks (and feels) amazing. You can even rock various metallic colors throughout different parts of your hand or finger for an extra touch of interest.

Metallic Polish

Metallic is one of the most fashionable nail polish trends, with women using it to add some serious glamour to their nails. One of the major things you’ll notice about metallic polishes is that they have a unique texture that adds plenty of interest to your manicure.

While there are many different types of metallics on nail polish shelves right now, one thing is certain: They will only become more popular over time.

In fact, in five years, I wouldn’t be surprised if all manicures involved some sort of metallic polish. As someone who gets her nails done weekly, I can certainly say it makes them look absolutely stunning and gives my entire outfit a fantastic pop when I wear them out at night or to important business meetings during my week.

Stripes and Blobs

A thick stripe of an odd color (think green or pink) is going to be a very big trend in 2022. The design can either be a straight, clean line or could zig-zag up and down your nails.

The blob will start out as one large blob at first, but as you continue with more nails, it will get smaller until it ends up on all of your fingernails. Both of these designs are extremely unique and fun to wear—even if they may look silly at first glance!


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