The Nail Near Nail Care 7 kinds of nail polish you ought to be familiar with

7 kinds of nail polish you ought to be familiar with

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You could discover that there is more than one kind of nail polish to pick from while you are getting a manicure at a salon or performing one on yourself at home.

This is true whether you go to the salon or perform the manicure yourself. Yes, in addition to the standard formulation that you have been applying to your nails ever since you were a little child, there are in fact five other kinds of nail paint that are worth learning about.

There are some, like as gel polish, that you might be familiar with, while others, such as shellac, might be completely foreign to you.

Regardless of the circumstances, you may think of the following as a guide to the seven distinct kinds of nail paint that you should be familiar with.

  1. Basic

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of things, if you will. Since you first started wearing cosmetics, the only nail paint you’ve ever used is your everyday one.

It comes in a number of different finishes, ranging from natural to matte to holographic, among others. You can expect your manicure with this type of nail paint to last no more than a week, and it may even last for less time than that.

It is not the most long-lasting form of polish.


2. Gel

Gel nail polish is yet another popular variety. This is a thick gel that will be applied over the top of your natural nail by a nail technician (or by you, if you’ve gotten good at doing gel manicures at home).

A UV lamp is typically utilized in conjunction with gel polish in order to cure (also known as set) it. You should plan on it lasting somewhere in the neighborhood of two weeks.

Similar to acrylics, it can be applied to your nails to lengthen and expand the curve of your natural nails.


3. Acrylic

In connection with acrylic nails, this is yet another form of polish that is frequently used.

The powder and liquid components of acrylic polish are mixed together throughout the manufacturing process.

This concoction is painted onto your natural nails in a thin layer. The acrylic nail polish will become hard as it cures, allowing you to file it into the proper form.

Additionally, it can be utilized to lengthen the natural nail on your finger or toe. Acrylics also have a lifespan of approximately two weeks.


4. Breatheable

Breathable nail polish allows the natural circulation of oil through the nail and ultimately off the nail. This ensures that your nails retain their attractive hydration without becoming excessively soft or brittle.

While we’re on the topic of oils, an accumulation of oil on your nails prevents nail paint from “gripping” to the surface of your nails.

5. PolyGel

PolyGel is a type of nail lacquer that resembles a cross between acrylic and gel in its application. This nail polish, in its most basic form, was intended to be used by nail technicians in order to provide faultless manicures.

It has the consistency of gel and is painted on top of your natural nails with a brush designed specifically for applying acrylic. After that, you can mold it into the form that you want, and then cure it using an LED or UV light.

PolyGel nail polish is one of the solutions available for polish that lasts the longest. If it is cared for properly, it has the potential to last for up to 21 days.


6. Dip Powder

Another kind of nail paint that lasts for a very long time is called dip powder. The fact that it can remain intact for anywhere between three weeks and a month explains why it has become such a popular choice for nail paint.

Your nail technician will first apply a base coat in order to use dip powder polish, and then they will apply a layer of colored powder over the base coat. This procedure will be carried out multiple times (with any excess powder being wiped away after each round) until you are left with an opaque manicure. In order to put the finishing touches on it, a layer of transparent powder and a sealer are applied.


7. Shellac

Shellac comes in last, but certainly not last in importance. Shellac nail polish is a combination of gel and traditional nail polish formulas, just like PoyGel nail polish is a blend between gel and acrylic formulae. It is then cured with a UV lamp after being applied to untreated nails. It is not possible to lengthen the appearance of your nails by using Shellac nail lacquer.

It is reasonable to anticipate that this type of polish will last somewhere in the neighborhood of two weeks.


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