The Nail Near Nail Care How to Do Gel Nail Art – Tips and Tricks 2022

How to Do Gel Nail Art – Tips and Tricks 2022

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Creating the perfect nail art doesn’t always have to involve hard-to-remove nail polish and an expensive trip to the salon. With the right products, you can get salon-quality manicures on your own at home, like with these instructions on how to do gel nail art.

Whether you prefer simple patterns or detailed designs, this guide will help you achieve beautiful nails in no time.

What you need

A basic manicure set, nail file, cuticle remover, gel nail polish (any brand will do), a clean towel, a non-acetone base coat, a non-acetone top coat with brush applicator (Sally Hansen has a great line of these for about $4.99 each), nail art pens in various colors (these can be found at any craft store), and some acetone. Acetone is used to remove unwanted color on your skin or nails.

Choose Your Colors

Your nail color can be a focal point of your manicure, so choose one that makes you feel glamorous. One great way to choose a color is by matching it with an outfit in your closet.

For example, if you have an outfit in navy blue, look for something equally as bold like deep purple or even red (it just depends on what sort of vibe you’re going for).

Next time you get dressed up to go out, look at your outfit and think about nail colors that would complement it.

Nail Prep

Prep your nails by soaking them in warm water for five minutes or so. This softens up your cuticles and will make it easier to push them back when you’re done with your manicure.

Next, file your nails into an oval shape with a nail file or nail clippers. You want them to be as smooth as possible—especially on your right hand, which is most often seen.

Base Coat and Top Coat

The first thing you want to do is apply a base coat of clear polish to each nail. This serves two purposes: It protects your nails from staining from darker polishes, and it preps them for a smooth application of color.

Then, apply a top coat (many brands make seal-and-shine formulas that dry with extra shine) once your nails are dry. This helps lock in any chips or cracks caused by gel polish so they don’t get bigger.

Apply the gel polish

Applying a gel polish is much like painting your nails with regular polish. The real difference is that you’ll need a UV or LED lamp to cure your new manicure.

Use a top coat: Top coat not only helps your gel polish last longer, but it can also add another protective layer over any designs you might want on your nails. You may even want to use two top coats instead of one for extra durability.

Add nail gems or studs

Giving your nails some bling doesn’t take much time or money. And it looks awesome, especially on your ring finger! Make sure that you pick out studs or gems that match your outfit—just a few like these sparkly ones will do.

Remove residue with rubbing alcohol

It’s a good idea to remove excess residue from your nails with some rubbing alcohol before you get started. This will ensure that your manicure is smooth, without any bumps. For best results, do so about five minutes before putting on a base coat. No one wants bumpy nail art!

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